The second volume of Pisay Heroes encompasses Season 2: Champions, and Season 2.5: Jasmin Heroes.

Season 2: ChampionsEdit

Season 2 was based off David Ples's second year class, Champaca 2011, and a couple of well-known teachers. The season began in the second quarter of SY 2008-2009 and lasted a total of 19 episodes. The season was the first to begin using character quotes in the episode recaps, and featured two flashback episodes. The finale was three episodes long.

Champions deals with the resurrection of The Company, which had fallen to pieces and had its headquarters destroyed in the previous volume. The Company boss goes out in search of his fellow founders, who are revealed to have broken ties following differences in leadership style and operations focus. An outpost continues maintaining necessary functions in the meanwhile.

A major villain is introduced this season - The Collector, who kidnaps posthumans and steals their powers. He then turns his victims into statues for his giant chessboard. Several characters, all related to the missing persons in one way or another, are entangled in the plot; they come together to ultimately defeat the villain and rescue their friends.

Many of the characters in Garnet Heroes return this season, notably Iego, the winged rockstar, who is brought back to life by a vial of healing blood. That same cure creates aggressive, violent tendencies in him, which leads him to establish a guild of posthumans and traitors against The Company. The season ends with a massive war between the two factions.

Season 2.5: Jasmin HeroesEdit

Season 2.5 was based off Benedict Almirol's second year class, Jasmin 2011. This season was mostly created on a whim and production began during mid-SY 2008-2009. The major arc of the series involves a rebel Company agent who wants to use the Company's resources in order to overthrow the current government and establish one of his own making.

A second story arc of the series involved a multi-millionaire who discovers his ability and becomes obsessed with the notion of being the only one with an ability. He gradually becomes insane as he kills more and more people with his ability.

In this season, a new branch of the Company is introduced, situated somewhere in Quezon City, presumably near Quezon City circle, as mentioned in the season. This branch is led by a returning Company agent (the author's character), along with recruits first introduced in this season.