The third volume of Pisay Heroes includes Season 3: Equinox, Season 3.1: Revenant Blight, and Season 3.2: Crumbling Sanctuary, and began in December of 2008, just as the second volume was coming to a close. The volume is still on-going, with Rb in its tenth episode to date and Cs in its second, as of April 2010. The entire volume deals with situations involving posthumans nearly revealing their abilities to the general public.

Season 3: EquinoxEdit

Equinox draws characters from the entire set of PSHS Batch 2011 students, handpicked in seemingly random sequence by the author. Even co-directors were initially unaware of the nature or release date of the season; before its first episode, the series was referred to in jest as "Benny's Glasses". Teasers, such as new characters and glimpses of the future, were inserted into the mini-episodes that preceeded the season to gauge audience reactions.

The season goes to great lengths to focus on character development, replacing season stereotypes (such as those clearly visible in Champions) with a cast of multi-layered individuals who are just as human as they are superhuman. Story arcs are separated in definite blocks, with their characters driven by their own motives and destinies towards each other later in the season. The heroes must come together to stop two catastrophies: a tsunami that will wipe out thousands of hypnotized citizens raring for mass suicide, and the spread of dangerous bacteria capable of infecting 98% of the population. Both events occur under the darkness of a total eclipse, which has surprising effects on a posthuman's abilities.

New to the series in this season is the release of a "Nightmare Future" episode, where instead of being taken back several years, the readers are catapulted into the future they will face if the disasters are not prevented. Aegri Somnia, roughly translated from latin as "the dreams of a sick man" presents the characters in a new light -- heroes as villains and fugitives. The fast-forward special ends with the protagonists returning to the present with a renewed resolve and escalated fear.

The epilogue to this season has the newly-revealed villainess throwing herself off the roof of a building, and a Company High Executive diving after her, thereby exposing his powers to the world. The cliffhanger is answered in Season 3.2: Crumbling Sanctuary.

Season 3.1: Revenant BlightEdit

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Season 3.2: Crumbling SanctuaryEdit

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