The first volume of Pisay Heroes began in the 4th Quarter of SY 2007-2008, and ran for a total of 12 episodes. Each episode was four pages long, with the exception of the flashback special, Three Years Ago, and the season finale, Clash, which was divided into two parts of eight pages combined. In addition, a two-page epilogue was released to provide closure for the story and as a cliffhanger for the next season.

All twelve episodes fall under Season One: Garnet Heroes, and were posted safely on the right side of the blackboard in room 304 of the Science and Humanities Building in Philippine Science High School, Main Campus.

The season of Garnet Heroes sets the boulder rolling, introducing readers (who were the namesakes of their characters) to a world where ordinary people can be blessed or cursed with extraordinary abilities. Many of these characters run into trouble controlling their abilities or putting them to good use; when this happens, a mysterious Company comes into play, claiming to specialize in monitoring and protecting these posthumans and their secrets. As the season progresses, villains are introduced with plots similar to the traditional "destroy the world" ideology, with hints of revenge and greed to provide a literary contrast to the heroism and poetic struggle undertaken by the protagonists.

The first season set the standard formatting and episode appearance for the following volumes, including:

  • Season name in large, bold, underlined font
  • The series tagline beneath the season name ("Ordinary People, Extraordinary Abilities; Real People, Unreal Adventure")
  • A recap of the previous episode
  • An introductory passage in italics
  • Episode body in blocks, separated by asterisks, to achieve the effect similar to watching a television broadcast
  • An outro to sum up events and pose questions

In addition to the episodes, character profiles released on ten of the cast members are also considered part of Volume One.