The episodes of Pisay Heroes are scattered among four different sites. Being composed of over 80 episodes and counting (not to mention the separate character profiles and mini-episodes), it was deemed convenient for the four complete seasons, character profiles, and mini-eps to be compiled in one hard copy. Another purpose for having a hard copy of all existing P-Roes content was for people without internet access to be able to read it.

The BinderEdit

The P-roes compilation, or 'the P-Roes bible,' as it is more fondly called, is a collection of over 250 pages of P-Roes content, contained and arranged in a black, shiny, three-ringed binder. The pages are printed in brown ink instead of black, to make it easier on readers' eyes, but the print is much smaller, in an effort to conserve space.

The ContentEdit

The P-Roes material in the bible is arranged chronologically, i.e. by date of release and in accordance with the P-Roes timeline.The first section is Garnet Heroes, followed by character profiles of the people in G-Roes.

The mini episodes of G-Roes characters are unique in that they do not follow any certain time frame. The mini-eps were written scattered across different seasons, but for convenience, in the P-Roes bible they are placed together after the character profiles.

A clean sheet of paper separates Volume One from Volume Two. Contained in the second section are Champions and Jasmin Heroes, with Jasmin Heroes occurring after the epilogue of Champions.

The third section contains only the 23 episodes of Equinox, seeing as Season 3.1 and Season 3.2 are still incomplete.

Each season and/or collection of articles is marked by a color-coded post-it note in the page margins. The color codes are as follows:

  • Green for Garnet Heroes
  • Orange for the G-Roes character profiles
  • Green again for the G-Roes mini-eps
  • Yellow for Champions
  • Pale pink for Jasmin Heroes
  • Hot pink for Equinox

The post-it notes are labeled by episode and/or by article heading, making it easier to turn to the desired episode.

There is also a list of episode titles in the inside pocket of the bible, as an easy episode listing, and for checking of already-used titles.