Every season, the starring characters are based on the classmates of the author (except in Season 3, Equinox). This means that new characters are constantly being introduced, and there is a chance that characters may appear in more than one season. Teachers also frequently cameo in the series. The characters listed down in this page are arranged by the season they first appeared in. Other appearances (if any) are not shown here; they are, however, noted in the character's article.

Garnet HeroesEdit

Garnet Heroes, later nicknamed "G-roes" for convenience, is the official first season of Pisay Heroes, and spans 12 episodes. It was authored by David Ples as a special writing project to unite the entire Garnet class of 30 students. Production began in the fourth quarter of 2007.

The season is unique in that all of its characters have abilities.

  1. Benedict Almirol
  2. Micah Austria
  3. John Irvin Bautista
  4. Dan Casia
  5. Rigel de Jesus
  6. Federson Francia
  7. Jason Fruto
  8. Dindo Malonzo
  9. Paco Marigomen
  10. Joshua Molina
  11. Daniel Morabe
  12. Gabriel Nolasco
  13. David Ples
  14. Albert Quebrar
  15. Miguel Reyes
  16. Nicholas Romero
  17. Amiel Sy
  18. Iego Tan
  19. Ancer Villacruel
  20. Joseph Villas
  21. Vianca Atienza
  22. Dorreen Domag
  23. Hannah Domingo
  24. Grace Domingo
  25. Geselle Gesmundo
  26. Czarielle Guerra
  27. Levynce Nonog
  28. Chelsea San Diego
  29. Nikki Sanchez
  30. Rebecca Yu
  31. Sally (Ma'am Toledo)


Champions is the second official season of Pisay Heroes, intended as a sequel to the well-received fanfiction series Garnet Heroes. The season consists of 19 episodes, and was written by David Ples in his second year of high school to feature his class, Champaca. Production ground to a halt in the middle of the year due to some unforeseen disturbances, and promptly resumed in the later months. 28 new characters were introduced:

  1. Carlos Azucena
  2. JC Ballesteros
  3. Jerome Beltran
  4. Tim Caliguid
  5. Duke de los Santos
  6. Dominic Ecat
  7. Dexter Edep
  8. Jethro Jamon
  9. Jeru Mercado
  10. Andro Milla
  11. Tenten Monserrat
  12. Yves Reyes
  13. Shirhasernamin Saclauso
  14. Stuart Samson
  15. Elihu Sarmiento
  16. Carl Satorre
  17. Jerome Talampas
  18. Myrtle Antioquia
  19. Ara Carrillo
  20. Aleysha Diaz
  21. Regine Deximo
  22. Michelle Larin
  23. Elaine Oquendo
  24. Karen Sy
  25. Louise Tan
  26. Rachelle (Ma'am Rachelle Rodriguez, aka Ma'am R)
  27. Alfer (Sir Alfred Guiang, aka Sir Alfer)
  28. Efren (Sir Paz)

In an effort to gain higher character approval ratings, the author began by passing around a sign-up sheet containing character profiles (professions/roles) and possible abilities. The final character list was completed by mixing and matching choices with the consent of their namesakes.



The third season was produced in the lull between the author's second and third years. The first episode was released in December, featuring characters not from a specific class, but from the entire Batch of 2011. New characters, unlike in the previous seasons, were complete surprises for readers.

  1. Sean Fortuna
  2. Miguel Matugas
  3. Jacob Madrid
  4. Dani Rina
  5. Claudine Dungo
  6. Justine Jacinto
  7. Ashley Diaz
  8. Marconi Opoan
  9. Isko Ortiz
  10. Shaula Geraldino
  11. Mark Burdeos
  12. Abednego Adre
  13. Romeo Manangu
  14. Desi Mina
  15. Nelson Capila
  16. Cynthia (Ma'am Andaya)
  17. Jul Kristian (Sir Manoop)

The featured characters were handpicked by the author.

Revenant BlightEdit

Crumbling SanctuaryEdit

Crumbling Sanctuary, authored by Rebecca V. Yu, was written as an answer to the cliffhanger at the end of Equinox. The title of this series, like other series written using the author's classmates, sprang from the name of the author's section, Cesium. Abbreviated as 'Cs' in the periodic table of elements, the title was created such that its first letters follow the abbreviation in the periodic table.

As of April 2010, the season is still incomplete. Twenty-two new characters were introduced:

  1. Ian Almazan
  2. Marc 'Baki' Baquilod
  3. Jeffry De Leon
  4. IC Duay
  5. Marc Francisco
  6. Nino Gana
  7. Ryan Jacinto
  8. Bryan Mangalindan
  9. Emman Marasigan
  10. Stephen Mariano
  11. Kliff Mejia
  12. Fredrick Montes
  13. Luigi Nacion
  14. Ian Pajado
  15. Gabe Se
  16. Lance Yap
  17. Kwez Zurbito
  18. Sierra Betan
  19. Rita Galvez
  20. Andrei Mallare
  21. Janella Ocampo
  22. Pam Sabado

Of the 28 characters being featured in the series, four have already appeared in Garnet Heroes. One of these four appears only as a memory, having died in Garnet Heroes. One has already appeared in Champions, and another one has been featured in Jasmin Heroes. Two people do not appear in this series, having already played out their main roles in Equinox.