The Pisay Heroes series revolves around the lives of ordinary people blessed or cursed with extraordinary abilities. These powers, ranging from the ability to move things with the mind to making drawings come to life, stem from a unique mutation in the genetic sequences of random individuals -- the Helix Gene.

All posthumans contain dominant and recessive ability genes. A dominant ability gene produces the working power; the recessive gene remains dormant, holding potential for a second ability. This is explained in Equinox, when the eclipse causes a switch between the two, resulting in a shuffling of powers. A posthuman may have the same dominant and recessive genes. Each ability comes with an unwritten set of rules, effects, and limitations, as discovered by its respective user through the course of the episodes. Abilities have been feared, respected, coveted, and even abused throughout the series, and both Heroes and Villains have arisen in response to these powers.

Garnet Heroes Edit

Thirty-one initial abilities are introduced in this season:

  1. Telekinesis
  2. Sciakinesis
  3. Enhanced Hearing
  4. Telepathy
  5. Electric Manipulation
  6. Elasticity
  7. Invisibility
  8. Pyrokinesis
  9. Spontaneous Combustion
  10. Thermokinesis
  11. Enhanced Vision
  12. Sound Mimicry
  13. Plant Manipulation
  14. Phasing
  15. Enhanced Mental Skill
  16. Terrakinesis
  17. Enhanced Savantism
  18. Flight
  19. Precognition
  20. Superspeed
  21. Sedation
  22. Enhanced Strength
  23. Muscle Mimicry
  24. Cryokinesis
  25. Rapid Cell Regeneration
  26. Enhanced Synesthesia
  27. Sound Nullification
  28. Illusion
  29. Sound Manipulation
  30. Eidetic Memory
  31. Poison Emission

It should be noted that not all abilities were displayed in the season, as enhanced savantism was mentioned only in passing. It, together with Enhanced Mental Skill, has been contested regarding its validity as an actual posthuman ability.


  1. Forcefield Projection
  2. Lithification
  3. Luminescence
  4. Psychometry
  5. Photoportation
  6. Shapeshifting
  7. Energy Absorption
  8. Materialization
  9. Power Theft
  10. Duplication
  11. Sight Sharing
  12. Temporal Rewind
  13. Hydrokinesis
  14. Spike Growth
  15. Zoomorphing
  16. Color Manipulation
  17. Clairvoyance
  18. Memory Manipulation
  19. Paralyzing Gaze
  20. Healing
  21. Age transferral
  22. Acid Secretion
  23. Gold transmutation/Alchemy
  24. Tear gas emission
  25. Size Manipulation
  26. Enhanced Jumping Skill
  27. Metal Mimicry
  28. Possession of Inaminate Objects

Twenty-seven new characters (and one calculator) were introduced in the second season, but 28 new abilities are named. However, only 26 abilities are manifested.

Four characters did not acquire abilities, and the other two have the same abilities as characters from a previous season.

The last four abilities are used by The Collector in battle; their sources are not explained. However, the author concedes that the metal mimicry ability featured in this season was taken from Abednego Adre, introduced in the mini-episodes and starring in Equinox.

In addition, #22 and #23 are mentioned only in passing and are not attributed to named users.

Jasmin HeroesEdit


Several new abilities are introduced this season:

  1. Empathic Mimicry
  2. Persuasion
  3. Arthropod Manipulation
  4. Body Snatching
  5. Short Range Teleporation
  6. Neurocognitive Deficit
  7. Technopathy
  8. Time Travel
  9. Puppetry
  10. Replication
  11. Armadillo Mimicry

Replication is not possessed by anyone; it came about as the result of gene shuffling during the Eclipse. Armadillo Mimicry was a recessive gene ability, made dominant as an effect of Mark Burdeos's ability-sapping bacteria.

Revenant BlightEdit

Crumbling SancuaryEdit

Thirteen new abilities appear in this season:

  1. Rage
  2. Gravitation Manipulation
  3. Sand Manipulation
  4. Terrashifting
  5. Lie Detection
  6. Omnipresence
  7. The Escher Ability
  8. Charading
  9. Accelerated Probability
  10. The X-Factor Ability
  11. Hypermobility
  12. Suppression
  13. Shadowportation

Ability #2, gravitation manipulation, is not to be confused with gravity manipulation in Revenant Blight.