The characters in Pisay Heroes, Volume 1, are loosely based on the wild and quirky class of Garnet 2011


  1. Benny Almirol, as a telekinetic Company agent
  2. Micah Austria, as the main shadow-wielding antagonist
  3. JI Bautista, as a priest who's heard too much
  4. Dan Casia, as a college drop-out involved in a string of crimes
  5. Rigel De Jesus, as an electrician recovering from a terrible injury
  6. Jerson Francia, as the shady Mayor of Palawan
  7. JJ Fruto, as a young boy running a sari-sari store
  8. Dindo Malonzo, as a deadly pyromaniac
  9. Enzo Marigomen, as a young hero with explosive powers
  10. Joshua Molina, as a secretary looking for new occupational hazards
  11. Daniel Morabe, as a wide-eyed computer programmer
  12. Gabby Nolasco, as a Company agent with the habit of mimicking voices
  13. David Ples, as the Company Boss trying to protect his organization
  14. Albert Quebrar, as an office worker entering a new phase in his life
  15. Miguel Reyes, as a brilliant mind working a nefarious scheme
  16. Nicholas Romero, as a city cop
  17. Amiel Sy, as a victim who appears already dead in one episode
  18. Iego Tan, as the righteous rocker with wings
  19. Ancer Villacruel, as the comic book illustrator facing an uncertain future
  20. Joseph Villas, a veterinarian
  21. Vianca Atienza, as a morbid Company agent with a knock-out touch
  22. Dorreen Domag, as a superstrong architect
  23. Hannah Domingo, as an ex-band member looking for something new to do
  24. Grace Domingo, a geologist looking for cold, hard facts
  25. Geselle Gesmundo, as an engineer
  26. Cza Guerra, as a piano teacher who sees sound as color
  27. Levynce Nonog, as a Company agent keeping things quiet
  28. Chelsea San Diego, as a Company agent who's more than meets the eye
  29. Nikki Sanchez, as a lonely daycare assistant
  30. Rebecca Yu, as a Company agent who never forgets
  31. Mrs. Salina Toledo, as the daughter of Micah

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