The cast of Pisay Heroes, Volume 2, Season 2: Champions is based loosely on the chaotic but complementary personalities of Champaca 2011, as well as several teachers


  1. Carlos Azucena, as a famous daredevil
  2. JC Ballesteros, as a magazine company CEO
  3. Jem Beltran, as a mentally questionable Company founder
  4. Tim Caliguid, as a victimized mailman
  5. Duke de los Santos, as a student in Pisay Ilocos
  6. Dominic Ecat, as a detective working on The Collector's case
  7. Dexter Edep, as a shapeshifting Company agent
  8. Jethro Jamon, as a student from Pisay Ilocos
  9. Jeru Mercado, as a magician and Company founder
  10. Andro Milla, as The Collector
  11. Tenten Monserrat, as a Company captive with duplication powers
  12. David Ples, as the Company Boss trying to resurrect his fallen organization
  13. Yves Reyes, as a man who can make others see what he sees
  14. Shirhasernamin Saclauso, as a young boy with negligent parents
  15. Stuart Samson, as a Company agent waiting for a chance to rebel
  16. Elihu Sarmiento, as a farmer out to save his fields
  17. Carl Satorre, as a loyal Company agent
  18. Jerome Talampas, as The Collector chaffeur and confidante
  19. Iego Tan, as a rockstar brought back to life, leader of The Guild
  20. Ancer Villacruel, as a new art teacher at Pisay Ilocos
  21. Myrtle Antioquia, as a Company founder with a grudge
  22. Vianca Atienza, as a former Company agent looking for The Collector
  23. Ara Carrillo, as a talk show host who escapes The Collector
  24. Aleysha Diaz, as a Company founder who's returned to life in the mountains
  25. Regine Deximo, as a friend of The Company
  26. Geselle Gesmundo, referenced as donor of healing blood
  27. Michelle Larin, as a reporter sniffing out a scoop
  28. Elaine Oquendo, as a Company agent who conceals the truth
  29. Karen Sy, as Lady Lovestruck, a woman looking for love
  30. Louise Tan, as a social worker looking to heal
  31. Alfred Guiang, as Alfer - Shir's paternal unit
  32. Rachelle Rodriguez, as Rachelle - Shir's evil maternal unit
  33. Efren Paz, as Efren - the Company scientist who creates an antidote for contaminated blood

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