The BR-22 Incident is the sorting code used by the Shiva Unit for the case involving the death of Jason Aguanta. Its official sorting code in the Department of Justice is G. R. no. L-223014.

Case SummaryEdit

The victim, Jason Aguanta, was stabbed in the mouth after a presumed sword duel took place. The fingerprints of the defendant, Dale Wilson Garcia II, were found on the murder weapon: a sword dropped by the assassin, The Lizard.

Witnesses to the case include Thalassa Wren Benzon, Abigail De Guzman, Antonio Bonga III and Rosa Fides Mina.

Trial and ControversyEdit

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The defense attorney for the case was Manuel Justin Custado, while the prosecutor assigned was Ronny Cheng. The trial took a turn for the unreal when a video taken by Desi was shown to the court as evidence. The video clearly showed Dale being lifted to the air by Abby's gravitational manipulation. When the video was slowed to -16x speed, it showed Jason Aguanta dueling with another person.

Due to this trial being a threat to the existence of posthumans, Abby quickly took action and called for Elaine Oquendo in order to wipe the memories of the court audience (excluding Justin's, Desi's, and Ronny's) of the trial.